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Rigid Solar Panel

AHONY has wide range and flexibility              https://www.solartex.co/              to customize small sun panel to middium,laser cutting,mechanically soldering for small panels from 3w-360w.With years of industry experience,we’ve got a set of pleasant control character,engineer,producing line people to insure right and sustainable exceptional.
We devote to outdoor solar application-camping sun,motohomes solar,marine boat,mining,oil,street light,fence,mobile transport,public appliances,digital camera CCTV and so on loads more other regions that our customers uses for.
Monocrystalline sun panel uses A grade PERC solar cells,with mobile performance 0ver 20.Four%,the present day cell era,the Jbox are waterproof IP65,cables are with UV resistanct that’s appropriate for outdoor.
Polycrystalline solar panel makes use of A grade sun mobile with efficiency over 18.Three%,with right performance on weak sunlight.
Good pleasant sun cellular makes PID free,high density aluminium alloy body makes sun panel longer lifespan.
For AHONY solar modules,the assurance is 5years,and 25years output guarantee.

Solar Application
solar light
Solar Light -camping light road mild
Mono or poly small solar panel are perfect for special wattage sun mild,avenue mild for home lawn,tenting sun and many others.

solar digital camera
Solar Camera and oil mining sun software
Our solar panels are increasingly used for sun camera,oil,mining,business use,we customize distinctive size,holes,frame,cable components and so on to make suitable sun panel structures for software marketplace.

Mobile Solar off grid solar
Our sun panels are normally used for cellular sun device,camping rv roof,mobile containers,island,all are off grid sun structures.A grade solar mobile longer lifespan,higher vulnerable mild performance,more than 25 years warranty.

cellular solar
Boat sun for marine yacht catamaran
The small sun panels are broadly for marine use,boat sign power source,battery charger,floating mild,GPS and many others,all unit may be powered through solar panel.The panels are corrosion resistant,saltwaterproof,longer lifespan.

boat sun panel
mono 50w sun panel a grade sun cell 5BB excessive performance with bypass diode for 12 volt battery charging solar light tenting rv off grid or multiple panels
mono 50w solar panel a grade solar cell 5BB excessive performance with bypass diode for 12 volt battery charging solar mild tenting rv off grid or multiple panels
mono sun panel 20w
mono solar panel 20w
120w back touch cellular mono solar panel
120w back touch cellular mono sun panel
Production manner
R&D middle
Quality manipulate ceter
Flexible Solar Panel
eGo S Flexible
eMobi F 12V Series
12V Folding Solar Kit
eMobi F Series
Rigid Solar Panel
USB Solar Charger
eMobi T Series
eMarvel premium semi rigid sun panel
Semi rigid solar panel
After sale provider
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