October 19, 2021 5:20 pm

It’s All About Video and Internet Marketing in 2010

Now that Christmas 2009 has come and gone, we can get on to the real business at hand which is gearing up for 2010. Getting yourself started and up to speed with a new or floundering will be key in deciding the success you will experience in 2010.

I myself spent the last two months of 2009 setting up a new product to be released in early January that will not only help those interested in starting a home based business, but advance those already working from home. Most people have figured out the basics to using web 2.0 with Facebook and Twitter, but did you know 2010 is going to be the biggest year ever for video and marketing with YouTube?

Now is the time to spend a little time and maybe a little money educating yourself in how to tie all of the home business internet marketing together with the use of video on YouTube. Since YouTube accepts up to 1 gig of video now, HD has come into it’s own and the bandwidth to view such video is constantly increasing.

Since becoming a huge fan of HD over two years ago,  קידום אתרים בגוגל
I spent the remaining months of 2009 selling off all of my standard def video and antiquated recording gear on eBay right up to the days before Christmas. This week I spent several days researching the latest Sony HD mini camcorders, so I could capture spur of the moment interviews and happenings and be able to meld it seamlessly with my larger more expensive HD video cameras. The reason I went with Sony is that I already have a lot of Sony gear and of the batteries and accessories are interchangeable, etc.

I highly recommend spending an extra $300 on a really good mini camcorder instead of a Flip-Camera or small mini webbie camcorder. And stay away from Flash Drive camcorders as they tend to “Lag” or “Drag” when shooting. The low light shooting you would do indoors sucks on most of these flip type cameras. I’ve tried the Flip, The new Kodak, The Sony Webbie and several others. The low light shooting you would do indoors or during and event where there is little sunlight is terrible with all of these cameras. Even shooting in a well lit indoor room was less than acceptable.

After painstaking research, I have decided on a Sony HDR-XR200V 120GB HD Handycam® Camcorder. This is by far the best bang for your buck as far as small body, low light shooting and picture quality. The best part is I can shoot with this camera and mix it right into anything else I have shot with my big Sony HD camera. The HD is seamless and most would never see any difference in quality.

It’s not about lenses and 24P anymore. It’s about systems and since I already have a large Sony HD camera, multiple batteries and chargers, not to mention microphones and software, staying with Sony was the best choice for me. This allows me to interchange batteries amongst cameras and and use the same drives and software.

In summary, getting yourself ready to make a lot of money online in 2010 all boils down to education. Educating yourself about web 2.0, educating yourself about internet marketing and educating yourself about systems and hardware. Do your due diligence and get started here.

From there it’s all gravy. No pun intended… May your new year be abundant, joyous and exciting.

Mick Moore “The Internet Entrepreneur”, is an award-winning web designer, acclaimed internet marketing consultant, author, film maker, and key-note speaker. Mr. Moore is the author of the “Home Business Success Kit”, the “Google AdSense Handbook”, “Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed” and “The Internet Entrepreneur”, and is featured in the movie ‘The Power of Mentorship.


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