October 19, 2021 5:40 pm

10 Tips For Buying a Used Car From a Dealership

Ensure you purchase a used vehicle from a reputable car dealer. In the UK a purchaser has far more rights and safeguards when purchasing through a bona fide dealer.
Ask the dealer to confirm how they have carried out the provenance checks on a used car offered for sale. There are many independent bodies that dealers can use to verify mileage, number of owners and whether the vehicle has been subject to a major insurance claim.
Always test drive a car. Even if you are not mechanically minded, this may highlight faults, or the simple fact that the driving style does not suit you.
If you do not feel happy with the way the car is being presented, do not proceed. Our gut instincts are quite often right about situations and if the overall experience does not feel right, walk away.
If you do not feel confident about road testing a vehicle, ask someone to accompany you to help. But remember, they may be less enthusiastic about you buying a car than you are, so make sure they are reasonable in their opinions.
Always set yourself a budget, but be prepared to move a little. Sometimes, particularly at a dealer, there may be an opportunity to get a better car for very little more cost.
Listen to the dealers finance offer if you need to fund your purchase. Good, reputable dealers are using main stream lenders with ‘rate for risk’ quotations, similar to high MRF Tyres Dealership street and internet lenders. So let them do the work for you at no extra cost, and it may provide one stop shopping.
Check the warranty being offered. You should expect a minimum of 6 months, but look for 12 months. If you are concerned about the cover provided, ask to see a copy of the policy booklet showing you what is covered and what is excluded. Remember though, it is a used car and the older it gets the exclusions will increase.
If you agree to buy a car, make sure the order form details everything you have agreed with the dealer. It should state the period of warranty, details of servicing work to be carried out and any specific repairs ie paintwork, replacement tyres etc.
If a car offered to you sounds too good to be true price wise, then it probably is. If a used car is offered for a much lower price than the going rate for similar cars, there will be a reason why. It could have a poor history, have outstanding finance or even be stolen.
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