October 19, 2021 3:29 pm

Formula One Car Tyres Improved india

The official Formula 1 car tyres supplier Pirelli has manufactured a selection of new tyres for the next eagerly anticipated racing season. All four of the tyres designed for dry weather have been tweaked to make them softer in order to minimise the differences. Taking over last year as the official supplier they enhanced the races by introducing tyres that wore faster, which in turn made the races tighter and kept us firmly perched on the edge of our seats. Keeping true to form, they want to hold our full attention during this year’s Grand Prix races by working on improving overtaking. He suggests that the technology behind the tyres to be used this season will help the drivers by providing more chances to pass one another.

While Pirelli were praised by many during last year’s F1 season for improving the competitiveness of the racing, the teams were still playing it safe. Formula One has a reputation MRF Tyres Franchise  for being a bit dull – watching the pack of cars whizz round the track in front of you, flashing past every couple of minutes, with seldom a change in the racing order. Those of us die hard fans who really follow it know it’s more exciting than that sounds but Pirelli hopes to make the race winner less of a fore-drawn conclusion for everyone.

The logic behind the change of Pirelli tyres is to make less obvious strategic choices. After last season the tyre company felt they had been overly cautious. With the majority of the racing teams opting to fit the softer of the two tyre compounds available they saved the tyre fitting of the slower and also harder ones until the latter part of the race. This was so they could do as few laps as possible on them. In dry weather conditions the drivers now have to select tyres of both compounds at each race.

This year Pirelli have also chosen to involve the F1 viewers who are sat in the comfort of their home watching the race by making it clearer which set of car tyres the drivers are using on their vehicles. Still the same colours as last year, just bolder and easier to identify. The colours are red for super-soft, yellow for soft, white for medium and silver for hard. The colour markings for the wet-weather tyres are green for intermediates which are for use in damp races, and blue for wet tyres.

Will these changes have a noticeable impact on the races for spectators? Hopefully! By making the races closer, the powers that be hope to make everything more exciting and keep us all on the edge of our seats. The difference between the compounds should now only have less than one second between the fastest and the slowest compounds. The less difference there is, the more the drivers will win or lose a race based on their driving skills rather than the technical choices they make.

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