October 19, 2021 6:37 pm

Alana Holder writes about passenger lifts

Without passenger lifts there would be no giant shopping malls or massive blocks of flats. Rent in city centres would be far higher as there would be far less space, and large areas of green space around cities would have to be Passenger Lifts demolished to make space for building. All in all, passenger lifts have made a massive difference to the way we plan our cities and how we live today.

Alana Holder writes about passenger lifts.

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The passenger lift has now been around officially for an incredible 150 years. Although the first actual reference to a passenger lift is dated back as far as 236 B.C. by a Roman architect named Vitruvius, who give an account that Archimedes built one.

Throughout the history of man, there has been mention of passenger lifts, using hemp rope and wood, powered by animals or by hand; going back as far as the Egyptian times. However, the first safe and modern passenger lift was first installed in the mid-19th Century (March 23rd 1857), 488 Broadway, New York by the company Otis, which still stands as the starting point of the passenger lift.

In the modern world, this ingenious invention remains fairly unnoticed, as with a lot of things in our culture that become the norm and we take for granted. Conversely, without them the skyline we know would look very different, without the aid of high rise ‘elevator’ buildings. Passenger lifts are now expected in all types of public buildings to enable its users to gain access – but does this include the disability impaired?

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