October 18, 2021 6:50 am

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Profit-Forecasting & Simulation Tool

Funnel Simulator permit’s you quickly       marketing agency   model & simulate the ability income of any income or advertising and marketing funnel or enterprise concept BEFORE you create touchdown pages or purchase site visitors – which saves you time & money.

GERU, the world’s FIRST Funnel Simulator, takes the guesswork out of making plans earnings-optimized funnels & facilitates keep away from high-priced advertising mistakes.

Here’s How Using A “Simulator” Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes And Shortcut Your Way To Starting & Scaling A Successful Marketing Funnel…
Plan Smarter: Save time & money
Simulate before you build
Discover your funnel’s potential
Model all your commercial enterprise thoughts
Avoid high-priced advertising errors
Find optimization opportunities
Simulate visitors before shopping for
And lots greater
Two Fast Ways To Create Your Funnel Simulation
In As Little As 5 Minutes…

Add Products

What are you going to promote? Is it a brand new or current product? Add all of your products, services and offers to GERU along with important information including, Product Cost, Price Type and Stick Rate to start placing you propose collectively.



Map Your Funnel

Drag-and-drop your subsequent marketing concept, campaign, product launch, webinar waft or consumer journey into an stylish, interactive funnel map. Or map out an existing funnel and explore new thoughts to enhance your profit and outcomes even more. GERU creates splendid funnel maps (easy or complicated) even as making the procedure brief and easy.


Simulate Traffic

Simulate real traffic campaigns along with your new advertising funnel and determine your earnings before you build any pages or pay for traffic. Or take an present funnel and version “What If” site visitors-situations to improve, scale and develop.


Add Expenses (Optional)

GERU let’s you propose and forecast all your advertising funnel costs, refunds, mechant expenses and business fees up the front. So you get a complete image of your real income… Proper right down to the remaining penny.
GERU Includes An Extensive Blueprint Library Of (30+ Ready-To-Use) Funnel Simulations/Models

Don’t need to create a funnel simulation from scratch? No hassle! GERU comes with a integrated “Blueprint Library” of pre-made Projects with a purpose to use as a shortcut!

This Blueprint Library carries many enterprise-demonstrated Funnel fashions that cowl a wide-kind of commercial enterprise kinds and advertising dreams — from e-book promotions, lead generation campaigns to greater intricate Sales Funnel systems.

Every Blueprint includes pattern conversion numbers, products, pricing, and Traffic Campaign statistics — which creates Revenue, Profit, and other important commercial enterprise numbers & metrics for you to investigate.

You can quickly load any of these Blueprints into GERU after which modify them besides you want for you personal use! This is a superb way for you to build a new Sales Funnel, or increase an present one, the use of verified enterprise fashions as a reference.

Here’s A Sample Of The Blueprints Waiting For You Inside GERU:
Survey Funnel
Ask Campaign Funnel
Lead Gen Funnel
Tripwire Funnel
Webinar Funnel
Webinar On-Demand Funnel
Free Plus Shipping Funnel
High Ticket Call Funnel
Squeeze Page Funnel
Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel
Supplement Funnel
Ultimate Continuity Funnel
Micro Continuity Funnel
Trial-Upsell Continuity Funnel
Ecom Coupon Funnel
Customer Onboarding Funnel
Evergreen Launch Funnel
Strategy Call Funnel
Mini Class Funnel
Self Liquidating Offer Funnel
Cart Abandonment Sequence Funnel
Bridge Funnel
Agency Lead-Gen Funnel
And Many More!
Who Should Be Using GERU Today?
InfoProduct Marketers
Affiliate Marketers
Local Business Owners
Social Media Influencers
E-Commerce Sellers
Freelance Professionals
Lead Gen Marketers
Marketing Agencies
Webinar Promoters
And Many More!
Building Your First Online Business? GERU is excellent for NEW marketers & marketers. Create a simulated model of the products you’re considering promoting earlier than setting up a unmarried web page or spending a dollar on site visitors. Get a handle on how all of the numbers & advertising portions will paintings.

Already Have An Online Business? GERU is the ideal device to help you optimize & scale your results. Plan new expansions for your funnel, in addition to analyze “What If?” scenarios inclusive of a exchange in product costs, offers, conversions, traffic costs, or other adjustments in your business — and SEE how those variables can have an effect on your Revenue, Profit, and different metrics.

Product Launches
Webinar Campaigns
Membership Sites
Product Funnels
Conversion Rates
SMS Marketing
Recurring Revenue
Email List Building
Google AdWords
Inbound/Outbound Calls
Product Pricing
One-Time Offers
Refund Rates
Merchant Fees
Upsell Paths
Cart Abandonment
Remarketing Ads
Continuity Program
Time Scarcity
Squeeze Pages
Content Marketing
Coaching Programs
Facebook Ads
eCommerce Products
Social Media Content
Payment Plans
Lead Funnels
Software Products
Business Expenses
Traffic Costs
YouTube Ads
Agency Business
Mobile Marketing
Joint Ventures
Affiliate Marketing
Book Campaigns
Stick Rates
Ad Budgeting
Salary Expenses
Strategy Calls
Traffic Scaling
LinkedIn Marketing
Survey Funnels
And Much More!

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