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Seven years into our business        https://bbqpelletsonline.com/        operations, we realized we needed to extend to the mid-Atlantic, United States. In 2000, we merged a West Virginia pellet plant right into a Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, plant, which acts as our hardwood pellet plant and now company headquarters. The Hardwood Premium, Hardwood Super Premium, and Ol’ Hick Cooking Pellets all come from our Mifflintown facility. Our convenient area in the middle of the nation we could us supply pellets in bulk to most areas of Pennsylvania. When you buy our hardwood pellets, you’ll see why they call us the pinnacle hardwood pellet producer within the mid-Atlantic.

Wood pellets serve a wide type of functions in everyday life. We produce and promote timber pellets used for two exclusive functions:

Heating Pellets: Classic hardwood and softwood pellets provide clean, lower priced electricity. Keep your property warm all iciness the use of our pellets with out traumatic about a hefty heating bill. Hardwood pellets burn at a barely lower temperature than softwood pellets but can be more stable. Meanwhile, softwood pellets create barely greater heat for surprisingly bloodless days.
Cooking Pellets: To show our customers the abilities of wood pellets, we started out our Ol’ Hick product line. Ol’ Hick cooking pellets come from a hundred% hickory wooden,100% applewood and additionally Jim Beam bourbon barrels — no delivered woods or elements. Use Ol’ Hick to your pellet grill to prepare meats and veggies with a rich, smoky flavor. Choose the classic 100% hickory pellets or use the a hundred% apple pellets for a lighter, sweeter smoke.
For greater facts about Energex pellets, contact considered one of our facilities. Our Quebec smartphone line functions French-speakme friends equipped that will help you if needed.

At Energex, we value fine, consistency and customer delight above the whole thing else. Many wooden pellet producers create their products with out intensive pleasant manage. This loss of interest results in inconsistent pellet appearance and function. However, to get the first-rate fireplace burning, the consumer wishes pellets that paintings every time. That’s why we don’t just comply with enterprise requirements — we comply with the Energex Standard.

Our enterprise no longer best has a certification from the Pellet Fuels Institute’s (PFI) Standards Program but also is going above and beyond the necessities. All materials we receive undergo checking out inside the onsite first-rate manipulate laboratories with a devoted lab technician at each facility. Any wood that doesn’t meet our requirements for moisture, ash, and smooth virgin wood fiber get sent back to the company. The substances that make the cut keep via our cautiously tested production, packaging, and shipping tiers.

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