October 19, 2021 7:21 pm

Choosing Hand Dryers For Your Establishment

If you are looking for hand dryers to fit into your bar, club or other facility there are numerous designs to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. To get an idea of the different types of machines and how they may best serve your organisation, this article covers the main categories and features.

If you are looking to fit hand dryers which can be manually operated the most obvious choice is a paper towel dispenser. These hard working devices are relatively maintenance free and just need to be replenished with ultra absorbent counter cleaners paper towels when they are running low. In terms of performance this type of hand dryer can dry hands more thoroughly, in less time, than their electric equivalents. While they do not require any electricity, operating costs and environmental advantages are not as great as they first seem. A consumable product such as paper towels incurs a cost, both financially and in terms of carbon.

The possibility of hand towels running out entirely could inconvenience customers or patrons which will detract from their experience in your venue. A common alternative are standard hot air dryers. These devices are generally operated by push button or proximity sensor. They eliminate the possibility of running out but as anyone who has used one knows, getting your hands completely dry means using it for longer than you would choose to.

A more modern approach is to fit a ‘blade’ or ‘towel blast’ device which claims to dry hands more thoroughly, quickly and hygienically by accelerating air through a line of slim nozzles at extremely high speed. Using this technology means that you have the advantage of on demand drying combined with energy efficiency. The users’ hands are placed into a cavity which has a line of nozzles at the top. While these hand dryers can thoroughly dry hands within about 10 seconds, it is difficult to use without touching the sides as your hands are blown around so the hygiene aspect is debatable.

A far less common solution than the above devices are combo hand dryers. These devices give the user the choice between paper towels and warm air hand dryer. They also incorporate a bin to store used hand towels. While this is the best choice from the users’ perspective, the consumable paper towels will need to be replaced. However in the event that the paper towels run out, the warm air dryer can be used until they are replenished.

In conclusion, standard warm air dryers are the cheapest low maintenance option. Paper towel dispensers represent the smallest initial outlay but require regular maintenance. High speed hand dryers are the most effective and combination hand dryers attempt to provide a halfway house. Depending on which aspect matters most to you, this should most heavily influence your choice


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