October 17, 2021 7:05 pm

Advantages of Organic Shampoo

Contemporary consumers are a bit more social conscience than they have been in the past. Whether the gas and energy crisis or the hole in the ozone layer is the catalyst, more and more people are looking for eco friendly products.

Today, unlike the merely functional farm grown products of old, today’s green products have to be both environmentally friendly and perform just as well as mainstream products.

There used to be a time when lets say, an organic shampoo may not have produced the same results of regular on-the self varieties found in popular stores. No longer the case, you can use an all natural grooming product and still have luscious, soft and shiny hair!

Locating a shampoo that is truly organic however, is the real challenge.

Defining organic
As most of us know, the Food and Drug Administration handles most over the counter merchandise, however, organic items are often overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This makes the rules of engagement a bit different and some companies are taking advantage.

For instance, a manufacturer who uses only two natural ingredients can state that their product is “organic”, even if 90 percent of it is synthetically altered by chemicals.

Emerging regulations that safeguard the interests of customers are slowly turning this tide. Until this happens, be sure to do some investigative sleuthing of your own. Read the labels on the back of the organic shampoo-if you are uncertain about a particular ingredient, look it up.

Truly organic shampoo will be free of chemical pesticides that have been shown to be harmful to health. Organic products use all natural pesticides, like citrus and are fertilized with substances lacking irritants.

You can research the maker of any product online or call the company itself and ask about their process.

Dangers of non-organic shampoos and products
Most people are blissfully unaware of the fact that common personal grooming items, like shampoos and soaps, are chock full carcinogenic chemicals. While    Organic Shampoo UK manufacturers promise that these substances occur in small dose that are harmless to human beings, one has to wonder about the long term effects of prolonged use.

The harsh reality is that the any product that is transdermally applied ( i.e. placed on and absorbed by the skin) is more thoroughly ingested than when it is swallowed. This means that deadly synthetic ingredients can wreak havoc on your system far faster by being rubbed into the skin.

This makes it especially crucial to identity any potentially lethal ingredients in your shampoo-or better yet, one should avoid synthetic products at all costs.

Organic Shampoo: Good for the environment and the skin
Because organic shampoos have unadulterated natural ingredients like aloe vera, hemp, honey or citrus, they are often very good for the skin. Makers of true eco friendly shampoos have learned how to create excellent products that are preservative free but maintain a shelf life due to creative green engineering.

Once again, this fact is beneficial because it lessens the chance of exposure to compounds that would cause harm to the skin or health.

How to find Organic shampoos

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